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Rám střechy/zadní - T.1 Cabrio (» 1964)

  • Výrobce: Paruzzi 
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    Rám střechy/zadní - T.1 Cabrio (» 1964)
    Rám střechy/zadní - T.1 Cabrio (» 1964)
    Rám střechy/zadní - T.1 Cabrio (» 1964)
    Rám zadní části střechy z lepené překližky.   

    Wood rear bow (plywood).

    Wooden roof mounting parts, the cap frame is provided with a number of wooden components to which the cap is fitted. In many cases the wood far affected that replacement is the only solution. All wooden parts are made ​​of wood, in which use is made ​​of both solid, plywood or pressed wood, this is every additional item listed. The fit is similar to the original and the use of wood instead of plastic you'll also no disadvantage experienced by tacking or stapling of the hood, although it is advisable to stainless steel staples and / or nails to use. The rear frame of the Beetle has four parts which must still be attached to the existing metal rear frame. If this frame is affected by rust or not the right shape is you can insert this frame including also complete purchase. The rear cover mounting bars for the Beetle consist of three and the Karmann Ghia consists of two parts.
    beware: if after the year one number is listed, the change occurred or from t / m this chassis number.

    T.1 Cabrio r.v.
    » 7/64 

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    Rám střechy/zadní - T.1 Cabrio (» 1964) 
    Rám střechy/zadní - T.1 Cabrio (» 1964) 
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