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Těsnění přední kapoty II/Mexico styl - Typ 1 (1984 » 03)

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    Těsnění přední kapoty II/Mexico styl - Typ 1 (1984 » 03)
    Těsnění přední kapoty II/Mexico styl - Typ 1 (1984 » 03)
    Těsnění přední kapoty II/Mexico styl - Typ 1 (1984 » 03)
    Těsnění přední kapoty Mexico styl.

    Těsnění je vloženo v horní časti pod předním oknem. Pro kompletaci, je nutné přidat do objednávky zbývající část těsnění # 00736 viz. související produkty.
    Hood seal below windscreen.

    Trunk and engine lid rubber (Mexico style ), Beetles produced in Mexico are equipped with an improved engine and trunk lid rubber. After 1985 The rubber is from these model years no longer between the bead edges clamped but directly on the trunk and engine cover. Not only is the seal therefore much improved but also the rust problem between the bead edges and body here is largely solved, the only bead which is still maintained that under the windshield. This improved rubber is not only suitable for the model years after 1985, but can be applied, the only thing you need to take care of almost every Beetle is that you all bead edges removed on those under the windshield after. For the boot is the rubber of two parts, the part that the boot is clamped and the area below the windshield, engine valve consists of only one part that is clamped. directly to the engine valve The summary below is specify which rubber Need have for all years and models. GHHHThe part below the windscreen varies by year and / or model, for the Beetles t / m 1961 above an engine valve rubber used and the 1303 use only the top part and cut this after the corners . Attention: This Mexcio style suitcase and bonnet rubbers are no universal clamp profiles as they are offered lot. There is no metal in processed which after a few months, but as rust traces of original plastic encapsulated with a rubber seal and also features a drainage at the bottom. The dewatering holes (two for a boot lid and to the engine valve) should come out on the bottom of the valve. So start with the terminals of the profile at the bottom and work your way up to where you cut off the remaining left and right. The area below the windscreen must be original as is the case can be made ​​(using a lot of fat) by the bead and if this fails, pressing gently with a flat head screwdriver in the bead.
    T.1 (11-F-020-321) r.v. 8/84 » 7/03
    fits 1200-1300-1500-1302 (all years)

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    Těsnění přední kapoty II/Mexico styl - Typ 1 (1984 » 03) 
    Těsnění přední kapoty II/Mexico styl - Typ 1 (1984 » 03) 
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