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Čalounění stropu/bílý vinyl - Typ 1 (1957 » 67)

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    Čalounění stropu/bílý vinyl - Typ 1 (1957 » 67)
    Čalounění stropu/bílý vinyl - Typ 1 (1957 » 67)
    Čalounění stropu/bílý vinyl - Typ 1 (1957 » 67)
    Kompletní béžové čalounění střechy vč. sloupků Deluxe v perforovaném vinylu (B-jakost).

    Horní část čalounění má tkalouny pro 4 dráty. Původní v A-kvalitě (TMI) je sešité pro výztuhy v jednom celku.

    Headliner B-quality Deluxe ivory 4 bows.

    These air have the stamp B-grade received because they are not equal to the original, they are adapted for easy assembly and designed so that they fit a wide range of model years. This is made ​​possible by the number of ribs to adjust (the number does not correspond to what is original is mounted) and the parts around the windows have less stitching. The number of ribs which is necessary for this heavenly state in the summary above, if you are short of whether you want to replace them then order them extra. The advantage over the A-grade sky is the easier installation but it still remains a difficult job where you ample time to take. Want a sky that is equal to the original take the A-quality, not only for the perfect fit but the vinyl used is of a higher quality. If your Beetle is equipped with a metal sliding sunroof please heaven upon material, this material is also good to use for repair or if you want to trim than what is included. The heavens are the Deluxe versions which means that in addition to the roof area, the sides of the B-pillar, the frames around the rear side windows and the area around the rear window are coated. If you are in possession of a savings beetle (only the roof area is covered) and you want a Deluxe heaven mount keep in mind that the roof is not on is created, you will see some additional terminal strips have to assemble, there is so a bit more skill involved. Heaven especially for savings beetles are also available and are listed under the A-grade heaven. Remember to spray glue them to order, this is the only type of adhesive that is suitable and if you felt some cushioning against the roof sitting stuck ordering this then digested directly by extra.

    T.1 sedan r.v. 8/57 » 7/67

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    Čalounění stropu/bílý vinyl - Typ 1 (1957 » 67) 
    Čalounění stropu/bílý vinyl - Typ 1 (1957 » 67) 
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