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Blatník zadní lamino +4cm/L - Typ 1 (» 1973)

  • Výrobce: CSP 
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    Blatník zadní lamino +4cm/L - Typ 1 (» 1973)
    Blatník zadní lamino +4cm/L - Typ 1 (» 1973)
    Blatník zadní lamino +4cm/L - Typ 1 (» 1973)
    Zadní blatník ze sklolaminátu (rozšířený + 4 cm) levý.

    Blatník je kvalitně vyroben v Německé firmě CSP. Při montáži jej lze upravovat podle potřeby.
    Rear fender left + 4 cm.
    Widened fenders, want a wider rim with tire mounting for better handling and a wider stance, the fenders should be wider. You could be widened steel fenders but that is a time consuming job and only reserved for professional sheet metal worker. This widened fenders are made ​​of glass fiber reinforced polyester and extend from the center so no flared edges on the sides. If you want to know what rim width you can mount up to look at the bottom of this page where explanation is given about wheel dimensions and seeing how it works. The front fenders feature steel headlight pots, this adjusts the headlight as it should be and without having to make what might happen in polyester headlight pots. Case further adjustments The holes for the direction informants and bumper supports are not available if you use it you can easily they saw the holes to mount the fender to the body are present and if can be made ​​for the best fit. Necessarily greater Install the fender from the center and work your way to the left and right, the fender can be mounted under tension over time takes wing presence at which the stress is gone. Glass fiber reinforced polyester is easy to handle, it allows you to make manual adjustments and changes. Would you flush fitting example taillights and / or direction principals, polyester or a piece of PVC pipe in your fenders and rear with a PVC end piece, putty all neatly and your tail or direction principals are recessed. Polyester has the great advantage that you have nothing to do with rust, for editing and painting is similar to working with steel only have to make sure that the booth is not stoked too high, you do this it may be gas that could stop your prefect tight fenders are periodically turned into a wavy whole. You can front wings for 1967 (horizontal headlight) without problems mount on a Beetle after 1968 uitzonderring of 1302 and 1303, the rear fenders are interchangeable for all years and models.

    T.1 r.v. » 7/73

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    Blatník zadní lamino +4cm/L - Typ 1 (» 1973) 
    Blatník zadní lamino +4cm/L - Typ 1 (» 1973) 
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